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So What’s a Makey Makey?

Summary- The Makey Makey is a great exploratory device for any maker space.  It allows anyone to easily explore capacitive touch by hooking up your Makey Makey to a computer via USB.  Then hook up each wire or gator clip to any conductive device to let the fun begin. -It basically turns any conductive item into a touch sensitive input device to actuate sounds, lights, code or more!

Try virtual piano, a keyboard based video game at first.  Once you have gotten the hang of it, try it with MIT’s Scratch program, or map it to any sound using SoundPlant.

Watch the videos and try the links below and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Main Resource Links

Official Makey Makey How To Guide:

Additional Resource/ Advanced Resources

Fun Interactive Book Project:

Lesson Plans for Makey Makey:

Adv-Remap Makey Makey Key Pins:

Project Details

Curator(s) Mark Schreiber
Date January 2016
Skills Basics, Intro, All Ages
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Video Examples

Makey Makey Official Video, Dip Hop (Pizza DJ), & TED talk about capacitive touch.